Twenty one local nonprofits are participating in statewide GiveBIG campaign this week

By Mary Beth Harrington, CVA

It has been a while since I talked about fundraising for nonprofits.  You might think this is not the time of year for solicitations but, it is. Nonprofits need your love and funding all year, not just at the end of the year. You may be aware of local fundraising campaigns here in Thurston County, but did you know there was a statewide giving opportunity?


GiveBIG is a fundraising campaign where individuals and organizations come together across the state of Washington to invest in our communities. As I have written before, nonprofits are fueled by people who believe in them and, in turn, donate to support their missions. By donating to a nonprofit through a campaign like GiveBIG you are helping us all move towards creating the society we want to live in.

GiveBIG was started by the Seattle Foundation in 2011 and transferred to 501 Commons in 2018. Since its inception, the campaign has raised over $161 million! Since then, every spring, the knowledge of GiveBIG builds through word-of-mouth, social media, and an extensive multimedia promotional campaign, with Washington celebrities and sports teams showing their generosity.

When can you GiveBIG?

GiveBIG 2022 began last week on April 19 and will culminate in a 48-hour giving event May 3-4. According to 501Commons, the 2021 Give BIG campaign channeled 71,912 donations to 1,684 nonprofits. These donations, combined with donor-advised funds (DAF) and IRA contributions, matching donations from individuals and companies, sponsors, and in-kind contributions from local media companies totaled $17.4 million!

How can you GiveBIG to Thurston County nonprofits?

While GiveBIG is a statewide campaign, 21 of the participating nonprofits are based in Thurston County. (See the list below.)

To support these and other nonprofits in the GiveBIG campaign, go to

There you can search the database for the organizations you want to support. Plus, you can expand your support of all Washington nonprofits by advocating for them via social media by tagging #GiveBIG.

Thurston County Nonprofits Participating in GiveBIG 2022

 Soliciting your ideas

If you know of a nonprofit that is doing something great, celebrating a success, needs some outstanding volunteers, or hosting an event, let me know! This column (aside from a little education) celebrates nonprofits! 

Mary Beth Harrington, CVA (Certified Volunteer Administrator) lives in Tumwater. She travels the country speaking at conferences and to individual organizations articulating issues facing nonprofits. Send your ideas to her at  [email protected],5726