Spotify’s testing a floating button for easy playlist management

Marion Steward

Plus a handy swipe interface from iOS

Spotify is one of the most popular destinations for streaming music around, and even all its recent controversy doesn’t seem to be slowing anything down. The company loves keeping its app fresh with tweaks to functionality and design changes, like we’ve seen recently with its revamped mini-player UI and work towards a music video feature similar to TikTok. A couple new ones have just started showing up in testing, including a floating action button (FAB) that lets users create a new playlist or blend, and a swipe-to-queue feature.

Reader Leonardo tips us off to a recent change in Spotify’s UI, with a prominent new floating button in the bottom-right of the screen. Tapping that big plus sign presents the user with options to either create a playlist or a blend. The latter allows you to make joint playlists with friends, a feature that Spotify introduced a few months back. .


We’re also learning about the new ability to add songs to queue with a swipe, as spotted by Redditor u/Far-Contact-9369. When listening to a playlist or an album, this lets you set the song you want to play next by swiping right — much simpler than the existing tap-heavy method for adding new playlist entries. Here’s how it looks in action:


It’s worth noting that this feature has existed on Spotify’s iOS app for the better part of eternity. The iPhone app has also allowed users to like a song by swiping left, but it’s unclear right now whether that’s also currently on its way to Android.

Both these changes seem to be part of A/B tests, as we’ve yet to see them even on the latest beta version of the app on our own devices. There’s no official announcement from Spotify about any of this, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we hear something soon. Until then, you can keep an eye on Spotify’s social media accounts and the app’s latest updates.

Thanks to Leonardo for tipping us.

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