Kuwait Finance House K S C P : KFH customers performed 160 million online banking transactions in 2021

Marion Steward

KFH Group Acting Chief – Retail Banking & Private Banking Officer, Khaled Yousef Al-Shamlan said that e-banking transactions executed by customers through KFHonline and mobile application, increased by 25%. Total No. of banking transactions reached 160 banking transactions in 2021 compared to last year.

Al-Shamlan emphasized that the increase in customers usage of KFH digital solutions has affirmed KFH service efficiency, simplicity, and ability to fulfil customers needs and aspirations. Also, it reflects KFH pioneering position in providing banking solutions on mobile and alternative channels to enable customers to complete their transactions any time and anywhere.

Al-Shamlan added that the e-banking transactions performed by customers were diversified and inclusive e.g. opening new bank accounts for new customers, individual finance request using e-signature on My ID application, instant printing of ATM card through QR Code, cheques deposit, local and foreign money transfers, open deposits, add beneficiaries, cheque book request, open gold account, gold sell/ buy/trade transactions, establish investment plans, cash withdrawal using civil ID, mobile No. or QR, request prepaid cards, banking cards services, follow up finance liabilities and instalments, view investment plans, follow up accounts and deposits, KFH Pay service and many other e-banking services.

He indicated that KFH has recently launched a service, first of its kind in Kuwait, enabling mobile application users (KFHOnline) to transfer funds to any account in local banks through mobile No.

Customer Satisfaction is A Basic Element of Sustainability

Al-Shamlan said that customers satisfaction is a basic requirement to achieve growth and sustainability. He emphasized that KFH has focused on enhancing customer’s satisfaction by giving him a unique banking experience in line with the latest FinTech developments. KFH launched the CX Hero Program to employees. The program aims to build a strong culture focusing on customer’s centralization, enhancement of customer satisfaction and inspiring employees to exceed customers expectations. KFH has also launched “KFH Rewards” program which provides an easy and swift exchange of points through internet and points of sale.

Easy Digital Services

KFH provides several distinguished digital services e.g., swift transfer of funds to KFH Turkey using RippleNet, “Digital Wallet” service via smart mobiles and watches which provide the latest smart digital payment methods in collaboration with Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin and many other e-banking services.

In addition, KFH provides XTM machines and smart KFH Go branches in various Kuwait governorates including Kuwait International Airport. KFH Go branches enable customers to benefit from the diversified banking services package including instant cheque book printing, instant credit card printing without pre-request, receipt of gold biscuits (10g), open (gold, saving, winner, automated service) account, buy/ sell gold, print IBAN certificate, request commercial transactions “Murabaha”, request credit and prepaid cards, update information and mobile No., activate banking cards, open deposits and accounts, and many other finance and banking services. KFH has also launched a service, first of its kind in Kuwait, enabling KFH customers to use smart watches to utilize ATM services.

Services Launched by KFH for the First Time in Kuwait

First Bank in Kuwait to Launch Individual Finance Service using e-signature

KFH launched, for the first time in Kuwait, the individual finance service using e-signature. The service provides electronic processing of all paperwork related to finance transactions. The service enables KFH customers to sign any document remotely “electronic” at any time and any place i.e., the finance request is fully completed automatically according to terms and conditions.

First Bank to Launch “Live FX Pricing” Service Online

KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to launch a new unique digital service “Live FX Pricing”. The service gives customers the advantage of Live FX Pricing for local and global money transfers and inter-account transfer transactions. The service is available 24/7 in global markets and provides competitive profit margins, dynamic prices, and efficiency in execution. The service is available on KFHOnline through mobile or KFH website and provides a basket of currencies including US$, Canadian Dollar, Euro, GBP, Yen and TL.

First Bank to Launch Smart Watches Service to Process Transactions on ATM

KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to launch smart watches and mobiles service to execute banking transactions on ATMs at KFH branches and KFH GO branches. The customer can benefit from the diversified package of banking services through ATM machines without the need to use the card. Transactions are executed through available digital portfolios: Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay and KFH Wallet.

First Bank to Launch Instant Card Printing Service without Pre-request.

KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to launch the instant ATM issuance service without pre-request through more than 100 ATMs in all KFH branches (ladies and gents) and several malls. It is the largest network in the country regarding the number of available ATM machines. The self-service provided to KFH customers enables them to print ATM card instantly within 3 minutes without the need to visit the branch or speak to the bank employees through phone service or make a pre-request.

First Bank to Launch Mobile Cheque Deposit Service

KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to launch the mobile cheque deposit service. The service enables KFH customers to deposit cheques in their accounts electronically in a fast, easy and secured manner by registering access to kfhonline application, enter the cheque amount to be deposited and take a photo of both sides of the cheque using the smart phone camera. Thereafter, the amount is deposited in the customer account according to service terms and conditions.

Fintech Solutions Released for the First Time in Kuwait

KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to launch various FinTech services: Instant cheque book printing, receipt of gold biscuits (10 g), open (gold, saving, winner, ATM) account, buy/Sell gold, Swift money transfer using RippleNet to KFH Turkey in few minutes, card less cash withdrawal through QR Code on mobile, Skiplino service to reserve appointment through smart phones to visit branches. KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to apply artificial intelligence technology in operations in addition to many other services which have proved KFH pioneering position in digitalization and resilience in adopting precedent steps to cope with technology and fulfil customers aspirations.


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