Jet Airways Begins Recruitment For Management Positions

Jet Airways is going full steam ahead after receiving its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) from the government. The airline released a list of six corporate and operational roles that it is looking to fill quickly. Here’s a look at what’s next for the newly revived airline.

The next steps

The new Jet Airways had only one goal: pass all the mandatory checks and bag its AOC from the DGCA. This dream came true last week, with the airline recertified to start commercial flights within India. However, now come the next steps of rebuilding the airline from the ground up to handle large flows of passengers.


Jet Airways is starting by hiring a few important positions. On its official Twitter account, the airline posted that it is looking for a Senior Manager in Finance, Manager of Cargo Operations, Assistant Manager of Cargo Pricing, Deputy General Manager – Tech Procurement, Senior Manager – Schedule Planning, and Senior Executive – Network Planning.

Jet Airways is starting a new airline right now, which means it won’t inherit any old slots. Photo: Getty Images

Most of these positions require between 5 and 10 years of experience since they are urgently needed to set up the airline’s operations once again. Interested executives can use the details in the Tweet to apply.

Aircraft next

Prior to its AOC, Jet Airways’ CEO wrote an internal memo stating that he will be announcing the carrier’s aircraft acquisition plans following the certification. Currently, the airline only owns nine aircraft, four 737s and five 777s. However, a new deal is likely to include a lease or order for fresh 737-800s and possibly the 737 MAX as well.

Jet used one of its former planes that previously went to Spicejet for the final two proving flights. Photo: Faisal Akram via Wikimedia

This is since the carrier is actively looking to recruit former Jet staff, the crew of whom are trained on the Boeing narrowbodies. The plan is to lease a small set of planes to kick-off flights and then place an order for long-term expansion. This is an important step for jet Airways and one everyone will be watching closely.

Competition is prepared

Amid Jet Airways’ revival, the Indian aviation industry is preparing for more competition. While it will be a while before Jet gets anywhere near securing a large market share, bringing down average fares for customers will pinch airlines at a time when fuel prices are already dragging down profits.

Soon after Jet, Akasa Air plans to start its own flights. The well-funded airline, run by former Jet CEO Vinay Dube, is currently awaiting its first Boeing 737 MAX from the manufacturer. The two will be seen as natural competitors having starting operations at the same time.

Currently, Jet Airways has set a start date of flights from September, according to Mint, giving the airline just under four months to staff up and start flying again.

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Source: Mint


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