iSwiss, the Bank That Changed Global Finance

The world of international finance is experiencing years of great changes and Aleo Christopher is certainly one of the protagonists. At the age of 36, he already has various international financial experiences that led him to found iSwiss, a Swiss international Group.

It is a passion for finance that Aleo has pursued since his student’s days, he was convinced that the current financial system is anchored to the old twentieth-century models. “Finance it’s the only sector not touched by the digital revolution,” declares Aleo – yes, banks have beautiful sites and beautiful apps but the transfer starts from Monday to Friday during office hours like fifty years ago. Do you have clients in different time zones or from other cultures who work on Sundays? Sorry, come back on Monday”continues Aleo.

iSwiss, the group founded and headed by Aleo, is a financial services conglomerate inspired by Aleo’s revolutionary vision that aims to offer global, fast, affordable financial services and finance for entrepreneurs with innovative projects. An internal settlement house, for example, allows you to make transfers in over 30 different currencies around the world, seven days a week in an average time of 37 seconds. Another example is the integration between currency accounts and cryptocurrency accounts that allows users to choose whether to be charged in euros or in the cryptocurrency of choice when using their credit card.

“Cryptocurrencies are part of the global financial system – says Aleo – this is a fact. We provide an integrated cryptocurrency custody platform. One of the problems of exchanges – continues Aleo – is their intrinsic unreliability. They all have offices in exotic jurisdictions or even have no headquarters, such as the largest exchange in the world. Tomorrow morning we can wake up and find the servers turned off as has already happened “.

“For this reason we have decided to choose the most conservative country with the greatest legal guarantees. Our custodial services are licensed by the Italian authorities and we are subject to strict anti-money laundering obligations. Each user who entrusts their cryptocurrency deposits to us is insured and is certain to rely on a partner controlled by an independent body. We also offer free tax advice by making withholdings and paying taxes for Italian customers. We are the only ones to do so but cryptocurrencies will not be viewed with suspicion only if they prove to be harmonizable with current regulations ”concludes Aleo.

But it is in the financing revolution that Aleo has changed the cards on the table, according to some outside observers.

“In the current banking system – explains Aleo – the bank takes customers’ money to lend it to other customers who pay interest that the bank retains. This, in simple words, is the banking business from the time of the Medici of Florence to today. In this business model, the risk of insolvency is borne by the bank, as the customer – whose deposits were used for the loan – knows nothing about it and has never accepted any risk, and wants his money back as much as he asks for it. . This leads the bank to take a risk-averse approach in the disbursement of loans. The bank is not interested in the business project or innovation, the bank is only interested in guarantees because the risk is the bank’s and the bank’s business is not risky.

However, there is a type of people whose business is to take risks: investors.

Securitization, on the other hand, is a system that allows you to transfer risk from the money of a bank’s account holders to the market. A market is a place where investors work or people who seek risk as they earn from it. We pass the funding risk on to these investors. The money used in the loans, in fact, is not withdrawn from deposits – as happens in the common bank – but collected on the market through the securities of the vehicle companies that place the credits and raise funds ”concludes Aleo.

This solution, as simple as it is ingenious, has a great practical impact. iSwiss, in fact, evaluates the customer in its complexity without discarding those who have had stumbles in the past or bad credit history. “Everyone has the right to have more chances in life. For a person to whom the doors of the loan are closed, it can mean being condemned for life ”concludes Aleo.

But for Aleo, it is not just business. “We are convinced that a successful business must have a social dimension that goes beyond short-term profit. It must be useful to the community in which it works and be part of that movement of progress that must characterize humanity.

We at iSwiss, for example, have the goal of achieving zero emissions by 2024 in order not to contribute to climate pollution. We have invested 20 million Swiss francs to achieve this goal. Our servers, our offices and all the infrastructure must be powered exclusively by energy from certified or self-produced renewable sources. It is an ambitious goal in particular for those who, like us, work in many countries, even very different from each other in culture and development. We are very happy, for example, with our landing in Romania, where we purchased a historic holding company, the Alva Group, which we are branding in iSwiss Credit.

In Romania we found a truly warm welcome and wonderful partners such as my friend Edward Irimia, a well-known film producer and internationally successful entrepreneur who made us discover, with a pleasant surprise, a modern and dynamic country like today’s Romania. ” concludes Aleo.

iSwiss, the Bank That Changed Global Finance